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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Cat!dddddddddddccccccccccczgcccccccfffffffffffffffffffffffffffxcggggg

(Marley helped with the title of today's post. Thank you Marley!)

That is NOT her cat. But, check out the death grip she has on it.

In a round about way, that cat followed us home from the ward Christmas party last week.

Marley found it on the floor by the Bishop's office, it was probably left by some family waiting for tithing settlement.

They were instant friends.

She carried that pitiful, malodorous cat around all night. Okay, it doesn't really smell but it looks like it does and real cats do, so it works. And because she carried it around all night a family in our ward thought it was hers, saw that it had been left, took it home with them and then their Young Woman came to "return" it to us at the beginning of the meetings last Sunday.

As soon as she said, "Hey Marley, did you loose your little friend?"

Me and Nathan exchanged a disgusted look, between the two of us.

We let her know it wasn't ours and she looked confused. We explained that she had found it at the church and we just let her play with it that night. We did however, tell her that we would keep it during the meetings....Marley had already locked eyes with it.

Once she walked away me and Nathan said at the same time,

"That is NOT going home with us."

Somehow it got into our diaper bag and didn't find it until we were home.

This post was inspired by Julie's disgust upon seeing this cat in Marley's hands while she cried and screamed on Santa's lap. She generously shared her disdain in the comments of the previous post.

And I think I've mentioned before that I hate cats.


The Yuan Fam said...

I'm right there with you. Anything that looks like that should be malodourous!!! Yuck.

Julie J. said...

Thanks for the info, and I can totally smell that nasty thing through the computer screen. You should see my disgusted expression.

The Hungry said...

funny story

Katie said...

oh my gosh, that is so funny. it's interesting what finds its way into your diaper bag. i have that happen to me all the time with avery too. kids...