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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Is A Special Day...

It's the day we write our talks for Sunday.

Tomorrow, Nathan is speaking at a branch in our Stake on Keeping the Spirit of Christmas with us throughout the year.

I am speaking in our ward on Personal Ministry. When given this topic and the invitation to speak I was referred to a BYU Devotional given by Bonnie D. Parkin entitled, Personal Ministry: Sacred and Precious. It's a wonderful talk and if you want to read it, click here.

Anyway, sorry for this possibly boring and disappointing post (not so disappointing if you read Sister Parkin's talk), but if you have any stories or experiences on either of these topics, please share them in-full in the comments. Preferably before 12:00pm CST, tomorrow.

If you don't have any stories or experiences to share on these topics please leave a comment letting me know of a special experience you had this Christmas OR the best gift you got OR the best gift you gave.

OR just leave a comment about anything you want. I love comments...who doesn't?

We love you all!

Post edit: The Seward Branch has cancelled their meetings tomorrow because of the crippling cold and snow. Nathan is SO lucky! He no longer has to speak tomorrow and now he gets to hear my freaking awesome talk.


The Hungry said...

you'll do great on your talk - we are off to hear Garry speak - then Eric and all the college kids speak in our ward - and then we'll go to the YA ward to hear one of Eric's friends give a going on a mission talk - then tonight we are attending a fireside that Almaden ward is hosting but it is a return missionary from our ward. Nathan Wright is speaking in his ward today. Wish we could make it to all the talks!

Anonymous said...

It's crippling cold here too. You're a great public speaker, no matter what you might think and I wish I was there to hear your wonderful message. I love you!!