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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Julie Is Probably So Mad At Me....

Julie wants my posts up each day before mid-morning. She hates waiting all day and having to keep checking back. Now that we are down to one computer, it's harder to do. SORRY!!!! I'm trying to get ahead...but, I want the pictures that are on my computer!!! Baahhh!

Here we go with what she called Sunday Thoughts. Hers were better than mine. Nonetheless, here they are....

I'm an early to bed, early to rise kind of girl and Nate's a late to bed, late to rise kind of guy. We both are swayed by each others tendencies and lately we have been a bad mix of both, late to bed early to rise.

I think I tend to like to stay up late, as of late, because I can get so much done when Marley is asleep. And then I still gotta get up to take care of her when she gets up. It kinda messes me up as far as being rested....or not rested is a better way to say it.

We try to keep Marley pretty steady with bedtime around 7 and wake up around 7. Last night she had a rough time going to bed. She often cries for a little bit and then plays for about 30 minutes and then crashes. Often times she actually crashes in her bed, occasionally she's on the floor. Last night she scream cried for a long time! We tried to refrain from going in very often but, it was unusual behavior and we didn't know what the problem was. We even looked up stuff on the Internet and read in a big book we have about child development. There was a lot of conflicting suggestions and information.

She cries right by the door but, when we go in she always climbs right back into bed. She knows that's where she is supposed to be. We finally decided we'd both go in, not say a word, let her climb back into bed and then we would just sit in there and she what she would do. She climbed in, and surprisingly calmed down pretty quickly and fell asleep within about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes Nathan left. I waited 5 more minutes just to make sure she was out. I wonder how long that technique will work...or if we will even need to do it again? Children change so often, it's amazing and sometimes frustrating.

That was a long story to tell you that after all that, I didn't want ANYTHING to wake up Marley! However, around 3:30AM I was awoken by multiple fire engine sirens. This isn't too unusual since we live fairly close to the Bethany fire department, but there were so many and they sounded so close. As my eyes opened to strobe lights filling our room I was instantly alarmed. I got out of bed, it was COLD, and peeked out the window.

Three fire engines and six cop cars surrounded the building to the west of us (within or complex). Many of the tenants were outside, including some children and toddlers and they looked cold!!! My heart was not full of patriotism...I was scared and concerned. One of the engines ended up leaving and shortly after an ambulance showed up. I could see no flames or smoke from where I was observing so, I thought maybe someone was hurt...but why would they evacuate everyone? I watched until around 4 and nothing happened. They eventually let everyone back in and the engines left.

The funny thing is that even though I put my glasses on, my eyes kept playing tricks on me. I kept seeing the same guy periodically walk into the building. He was short and stalky and he had a big funny hat on. From where I was and how my eyes were performing it looked like a big fleece puffy hat with snow on it. It also kinda looked like a jester hat? I finally realized it was fire fighters and what I was construing in my tired brain as a "funny hat" was actually their helmet. AND it was probably not the same guy going in periodically it was probably different guys. It was a weird experience. If I ever find out what happened, I'll let you know.

Marley never woke up! Phew!


Nate has had one last day to be 29.


I realized some more names that I call Marley that I failed to post in the Marley P. Pants Shickadance post. They are variations of Punkie but I say them all the time...I wonder how I forgot them?

Punxsutawney - you know like the ground hog Punxsutawney Phil, they base the weather on.


Punkie Doodle


We have been turning the heater on so much that I was thinking that it's too bad we can't buy energy in bulk. If you use MORE energy you get a discount! That would be awesome!


Quick question: We like breakfast, firm believers that's it's the most important meal of the day, but it's hard to think of a variety. We're also not big fans of cereal, though we do resort to it when we are pressed for time. So,what is your favorite thing to have for breakfast?


Another thing I forgot to mention, this one was when I posted about Christmas Music. I used to hate the song Feliz Navidad because it's so repetative and it would get stuck in my head. It doesn't bother me as much anymore. Nathan used to think they said, "Fleas on my dog!" He was always so confused about that Christmas song that talked about fleas on the dog.


Marley saw Santa on Friday. She sat on his lap and screamed the whole time. It was sad and funny. Pictures to come in a later post. Nathan thinks it might have gone better if he had introduced them first instead of just throwing her on his lap and then walking away. Funny!


Nathan never liked sitting on Santa's lap because of his beard. He couldn't read his lips so he never knew what he was saying. He is sure that every time Santa asked if he was a good boy, he would just start rattling off a list of stuff he wanted for Christmas. And when Santa was asking what he wanted he's sure he would just say "Yes!"


One last Sunday Thought. Have you ever sat in front of the Cowardly Lion in church? We do almost every Sunday.


Ok, one more. Marley has one silver eye lash. Weird huh?


Julie J. said...

I'm furious... No, not really... But if you had been ahead like I suggested, would you be missing your photos right now? I don't think so.
I'm so curious about what the heck was going on with the emergency vehicles. Maybe there was a murder...
Cowardly lion? At church? You have some splaining to do...
One silver eyelash? This I gotta see!

Corn Husker said...

I had to think for a minute about the cowardly lion comment, but then I figured it out. It is so true! I've known in the back of my mind he reminded me of someone, but never put much thought into it. He seems gentle enough for the role too. How very clever you are!

Sandy said...

I love cream of wheat cereal with brown sugar and milk.
I love cheerios with blue berries on the top. If you pour the milk on the frozen blueberries the milk freezes round them. Yum.
I love fresh scrambled eggs with a little cheese and salsa. These are my favorite breakfasts and I could eat them every day.

Natasha said...

I love cream of wheat and oatmeal with brown sugar. Ziploc omlettes are also very good (but not too quick).