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Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love Little Miracles

Yes, those are my real nails. And Amy called me on having longer nails than usual. I actually found that nail polish color and told Nathan about it. Growing my nails out before Christmas was my act of faith, that he was going to get it. He did! But, I think I will cut my nails tonight...they are driving me crazy.

My sore throat was 95% better when I woke up this morning! I felt so blessed. I had two hot cups of homemade cocoa (made by the Primary President, my friend!) last night. It was so tasty and it made my throat feel so good that's why I had TWO! I think that was the cure.

We are trying to take every advantage of this time in our lives when Nathan gets a nice big Christmas break. We tried to go Geocaching again today and returned to Mahoney park only to get stuck in the snow. Thankfully we were able to get out with Nathan pushing and me steering and backing out the whole way. Then we tried to find some caches around town but, the snow is just too piled up.

Returned home to work on a baby quilt. It's coming together slowly but surely.

Roma Stevens (1st Counselor in Primary, and my friend!) brought us dinner! Potato and corn chowder with ham and wheat bagel sandwiches. It was all SO good!

So, I have some questions....

What has been your favorite FHE ever?

When do you take down your Christmas clutter and tree?

What is your favorite game to play with your family?

Would you take a 20 month old to a movie?


Do you Sudoku?

You can answer one or more of these questions....I will answer them too.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to think about my best FHE ever. As for the other questions, yes I Sudoku (when I can find a puzzle), I'm planning on putting Christmas away after the New Year and Arthur and I played Life everyday for about four months when we first got married. Now, it's Nine Innings. As for the child at the movies...it depends on the movie, obviously. If it's 'your' movie, you'd like to enjoy it right?! I'd say no. If it's 'their' movie, then, sure.

Michelle said...

I love Sudoku, I play it on Donny's phone all the time, but I'm terrible at it. I don't see much point in taking a toddler to a movie, plus I feel like it's really overstimulating and will make my kid have ADHD for sure. My most recent FHE-- teaching Aaron about the temple, he loves going now, talks about it all the time, and points out pics of temples everywhere. ANd the sign game will always hold a special place in my heart :)

Anna said...

My favorite FHE ever was on my mission. We had Family Home Evenings as a ward. My companion and I were in charge of the lesson. We decided to teach about faith using the scripture that compares getting a testimony to growing a seed. To spice things up we decided to use eggs, tadpoles, and frogs instead of seed, plant, and fruit (there were a lot of frogs in our area). I don't know how effective the lesson was, but it did get really exciting when a frog got loose and headed towards the chapel. Faith on the run.

I would be too afraid to take a 20 month old to a movie. But I think you should consider dropping a 20 month old off at our apartment while you guys go to a movie. Then maybe Soapy will stop climbing up the walls...

The Hungry said...

No answer for favorite FHE.
I usually take down Christmas the weekend after New Years. A favorite game is Apples to Apples. And nope - no toddlers to the movies (but we had fabulous nieces who were always willing to babysit for us) I used to play Sudoku but now it is crosswords.

The Hungry said...

OH - glad you're feeling better

Julie J. said...

I would not take her to the movies.
My favorite FHE's were always the ones with the extended fam.
I already took down my Christmas Knick-Knack Paddy Whacks.
And with the exception of RISK (which I hate) I like most games as long as the people I'm playing with don't throw fits or try to debate every part of the game up for interpretation. Some games, it all depends on who you are playing with.

Jeanna said...

What has been your favorite FHE ever?
Can't think of one in particular.

When do you take down your Christmas clutter and tree?
I wish I had it down already. I'm not sure when it's gonna happen.

What is your favorite game to play with your family?
I like most games. I agree with Julie, if you wanna play Risk, I'm out! And, I don't love pictionary or games like that as a general rule.

Would you take a 20 month old to a movie?
Probably not. You wouldn't get to see the movie, not even if it was a kid movie. There is no way she'll sit through it.

Do you Sudoku?
I like to....but I don't get to it that often. But, I hear with my memory loss that I should do it more often!

The Wells said...

We took todlers to the movies. We would go just after feeding them a huge lunch. Then give them a bit of popcorn before the movie started and they would go to sleep. That still works with Kelsey. That's how Jason and I saw Avatar - the big kids were at school and she slept through the movie.

Sandy said...

My best FHE ever was when everyone in the family wrote something nice about ME. I still have the bundle of letters. I don't do Sudoku. I like everything put away on New years day except the outside lights. Have to wait unitl the weather is slightly warmer, like 40 degrees. Liz went to Star Wars when she was a baby and never moved the whole time. She just stared at the screen the whole time.