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Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!

First, Nathan slaving away at the sewing machine.
He made Marley's faux boots and pirate wench belt.

And then some hand stitching. (he's amazing!)

And, Pa-Duh!!!!

Captian Jack Sparrow and his little pirate wench princess!

I made Nate's faux boots (after I watched him make Marley's), and faux leather vest. We bought the wig.

I also made Marley's little pirate compass vest, skirt, and head scarf/bandana thingy.

With all the swashbuckling pirate shinnanigans, the pirate princess zonked out.

But not before she got a lot of pirate booty.

We found the cutest little witch at our ward trunk or treat.

The cutest little witch we've ever seen.

Ok, if you are wondering where all the pictures are of the Queen Pirate Wench....Captain Jack Sparrow was slacking on his duties and did not ensure she got photographed, as he has been strictly advised in the past to make sure the Queen gets some camera time.

Oh well, we'll probably be pirates for Halloween for the next 10 years and my costume was good but it needs some improvement. Next year we'll add a little som n' somin'.

Oh! The Cap'n was reading over my shoulder and says he DOES have a picture with me in it. Someone at the school took it, because, that's right we Nathan and I won the adult best costume prize and Marley won the child's best costume prize. LOTS of BOOTY!!!

Ok, so last year, there were TONS of people dressed up for Halloween because it was on a Friday and they had the party ON halloween. This year, the party was Thursday, TWO days before Halloween and hardly anyone dressed up. So, we might have been winners by defalt. Marley full-on won most original child costume last year. Remember?

Oh well.

It's not the best picture but, it'll do.

The best part of my costume was my skirt, which you can't see and my hair, which you can't see very well. On the other side I have beads hangin' down. It was fun! Next year Nate and I need big frilly blouses and I need a wench belt, like Marley's.

We love you all!


The Hungry said...

That is amazing how different a person can look in a costume. Very fun and so crafty to be sewing etc. That is awesome! And darling Marley - well, she's always darling so that's expected. But you my dear - look like your lovely self! How nice to always looks so queenly. I'm very curious, what did Marley think of her Pirate Daddy?

Becky said...

Marley liked her pirate daddy. We thought she would be freaked out but she was all over the dressing up and being someone different for a day, even for daddy. Maybe she'll be an actress...she's definitely dramatic enough.

But, at school and at trunk or treat, nobody knew it was Nathan under that goatee and Jack Sparrow hair.

And for those of you who don't know the title of the blog came from Vegetales.

Anna said...

HAHAHAHAHA! We came to trunk or treat late and didn't see these costumes. SO AWESOME.

rache b. said...

bahhhh so cute!!!

Julie J. said...

I Love Your Pirate Family!