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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So, I have some questions....

Here are my answers, opinions, and musings about yesterday's questions:

What has been your favorite FHE ever?

I loved the Extended family FHEs we had when I was a kid. I remember EVERYONE coming and loved actually having a lesson even though kids were wrestling with each other or just getting out of hand in general. I loved our my aunts and uncles (or parents) would give the eye and say with their face, "You better settle down and listen RIGHT NOW!"
Each year we had a theme and one year we learned about a different Apostle each month. I think it was my Uncle Greg(g) Wright that came up with a great way to remember them in order.
It was always a good time!

Nathan's family does it in Lehi, the exact same way my family used it. That is one of the things that attracted me to his family...tight, like unto mine.

I've heard that my family in Utah started it up again. Hope we live in Utah in the near future!

When do you take down your Christmas clutter and tree?

Nathan says, "It's definitely a New Year's Day activity." And he's pretty adamant about it. I'm itchin' to take it down. I even started collecting some of the nick knack patty-whacks and he totally caught me. And he wasn't even in the same room!

What is your favorite game to play with your family?

I love Cranium. But, it is getting old because you can only play one game so many times before you start remembering the answers.

We got a really fun game for Christmas! Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt. The game board is a pirate map that is very colorful yet old looking. It even rolls up to fit in the box. The game pieces are really cool pirate ships. You have to collect Booty - GOLD, SILVER, and RUM! And when you've collected your booty you have to bury it! You can even battle with other pirate ships! It is so fun! Come play it with us!

Would you take a 20 month old to a movie?

Ok, many of you assumed I was asking this about US taking MARLEY to the movies. We would NEVER do that...in our right minds.

OK, yesterday, after trying to get out and have fun just to be chased back to our apartment by the cold, once again, I have to admit we did consider it for about 30 minutes. Dumb we know. I think all of your comments were appropriate and considered by us during that 30 minutes of insanity. I'm surprised nobody said they wanted to whack us upside the head. It was probably those that didn't comment.


Do you Sudoku?

I go through phases with Sudoku. I like it. I really do think it helps your brain. I've actually heard any puzzle type games help with your memory...Kathy you're covered with the crosswords.

I have some more questions.... (Last day of questions for awhile I promise.)

Do you make New Years Resolutions?

If so, how many?

If so, have you ever actually accomplished any? All?

If so, what are your Resolutions for 2010? (if you are planning on blogging about this, you don't have to answer this question here.)

Can you believe it is going to be 2010!?!

Do you remember the Y2K bug?


You know the drill....now get to the comments!


Meg said...

Yes I do make New Years Resolutions and I surprising accomplish most of them. I try to set goals that are reachable - why aim too high? that's what I say. :) I usually set lots of goals and I will probably be blogging about them this week. I actually haven't really thought about them yet, but probably should since New Years is in a couple days.
And no, I can't believe it's 2010.

Julie J. said...

I totally have a post planned all about resolutions. Most of your questions will be answered there.
I CANNOT believe that it will be 2010. I rememeber think 1990 was a big deal. I remember Y2K. Just another example of unnecessary mass hysteria, much like the swine flu deal - to vaccinate or not to vaccinate... Why all the hype?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit...I just got done putting the Christmas stuff away. Ha, I realized I didn't want to come back from our weekend in Utah and have to do it then. As for your new questions...I don't make New Year's Resolutions b/c I know I won't keep them. So, I just set goals throughout the year that I don't keep!! JK, I try to make goals and keep them and I have a feeling that this year is going to be different, hopefully. I do remember Y2K and think it's hilarious how far we've come. AND no I can't believe we're going into the year 2010. That's stuff you'd hear in movies set in the future that we watched as kids. Back the Future 2, man did they know what was coming!!!

The Hungry said...

I think the questions are fun.

No new years resolutions (well, there's always lose weight...and why always? because I never do). I used to set resolutions all the time - I'd get excited about them - the new year and all. Several years ago, I even wrote about the tradition in a RS newsletter we used to put out. I had to write something, was my job. But I've been thinking about what I wrote and I honestly used to get very excited about new year plans etc. But not anymore. I don't know what happened.

And yes - it is wild that it is 2010! I have a girl friend whose baby daughter started kindergarten this year (this little girl is 9 years younger than her next sibling so having a kindergarten child was like starting all over again rather than just rolling along with the same old same old) So at kindergarten orientation the principal welcomed the group as the class of 2022. OK, all you young moms out there, that is how it is for you anyway so I guess it isn't as freaky to you as it was to us!

Becky said...

WOW! I've never thought about it, but if Marley starts kindergarten when she is 5 and stays on track, she will be in the graduating class of 2026!!!! Is that right?


Michelle said...

Wow, thinking of our toddlers in terms of their graduating year...freaky!!!