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Sunday, December 27, 2009


The talk went well...church wasn't cancelled. I only cried twice during the talk but that's because I had to swallow. My throat hurts so bad! I've never had a sore throat like this. Otherwise, I feel fine, just tired.

I'm gonna go take a nap and only wake for din dins, then back to bed. But, here is something I got in my stocking.

This color is called "Dear Santa."
PS - Any good home remedies for a sore throat? I looked some up online last night but they didn't work. I tried, honey cayenne apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Didn't work and it was DISGUSTING! I also tried gargling with mouthwash, that helped a little. Maybe I'll go do that again.


Meg said...

you might have strep. I hadn't had it since i was a kid and then got it twice this summer. It's the worse sore throat I've ever had.

The Hungry said...

My mom had three sore throat soothers - warm lemonade (I think she'd just make it with the lemon juice a person uses to cook with) - green Chloraseptic throat spray AND we would gargle with salt water. Nasty but it's a good thing to do. Funny how I've never used any of those things for my own kids. They were not plagued with sore throats but sore ears. I guess we do have chloraseptic in the house.

Glad to hear the talk went well but sorry to hear your throat hurts so bad. I'm with Megan, maybe you should get it swabbed.

The Hungry said...

Oh - and pretty hands and toes

Anonymous said...

Pretty nails!! They look longer than your usual short nails. I wish I could see you next weekend with all your other family!!! I miss you. I'm glad your talk went well. And unfortunately I don't have any home remedies for a sore throat.

Becky said...

Sorry you are sick. Sore throats are the WORST!! I don't know how to cure but I will tell you how I live through them :) I use tylenol to take care of the pain and sorethroat drops to numb the throat and sleep with a humidifier. I also like to drink warm lemon water and loads of orange juice. Mostly because it makes me feel good :)
Hope you get feeling better!

Sandy said...

Ditto on The Hungry and are those your real nails?

Sconierson said...

Scott's aunt who is a member of the church swears by taking a shot of burbon. It burns going down and then takes away the pain.