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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Memorial Service

This morning, Marley and I went to the memorial service of
Tom Hendrickson.
Tom was our maintenance man until he retired this past August.
We went to his retirement party, remember that?
The bad news about his retirement is that he had to retire because he had cancer AND
he didn't get to enjoy retirement for very long.
There is comfort in knowing that he is in a better place and he is free from illness. And one day his Spirit will be reunited with his body, only then, his body will be perfect and strong again.
His daughters and sons-in-law and grandchildren will miss him dearly. At the service they had a slide show of his life. He was a happy active man! He was an official member of the Girl Scouts. One of the pictures in the slide show was of him playing Barbi's with his grand daughter. What a great Father and Grandfather!
He seemed to be a great husband too. Judy and Tom had been married for 45 years! That seems to be pretty rare these days. Their children only recall their parents having one fight/disagreement/tiff and they recall it had something to do with home decor and maybe some wall paper.
They are sweet sweet people. They are hard workers and show genuine concern for others.
We will miss Tom!
At the end of the service the pianist played, "God Be With You Til We Meet Again."
I love that song.

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