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Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To my My Renaissance Man

Nathan says he is a Jack of all trades but a master of none. I think the fact that he tries to be knowledgeable in so many things is very impressive. He is always thinking of ways we can learn new things so that we can be more self sufficient and self reliant.  
One day I think he will be a master of many trades.

He is good at a lot of things, I'm only going to highlight a few.

Electronics - He got his bachelors degree in Computers and Electronic Technology. This makes him a very handyman around the house. When we lived with my mom he fixed her light in the pantry closest that had a short. While we were engaged he fixed my mom's door bell, my sister's door bell and his mom's door bell. They had all been on the fritz or had not worked at all. (I have pictures of him fixing his mom's door bell, I will add them later, once my comp is fixed)

He has built his own computer and kept his old laptop running WAY beyond it's life expectancy. He likes to hold on to old electronics for parts. Just after we moved here we found that his receiver didn't work anymore. He took it apart thinking he could fix it and probably could have if he had the right part. He reluctantly parted with it, mostly because it was so big. If we had more room, I'm sure he would have kept it for parts. (Picture of him working on our receiver and Marley helping.)

Cooking - Nathan loves to cook. He especially likes trying new recipes and then making his own delicious variations. His best and favorite dish is Jambalaya. (Picture of him cooking in our Provo kitchen)

This is Nate serving up some Carmel Pecan Cheese Cake, my favorite!

Woodworking - We are putting off buying furniture, not just because we can't afford it right now, but everything I talk about needing or wanting he says he would like to make. He made a cedar chest for his older sister when she graduated from high school. He made his Grandmother a computer cabinet. He has made a lamp, including the lamp shade. He made a jewelry box and a spoon display rack for his mother. He made a rope maker and he has made various bowls and picture frames. (picture of the VERY nice podium he made for the Boy Scouts of America Orem office.)

Gardening - Nathan LOVES to garden and this is one of the main ways he wants to be self reliant. This is one of the main ways I feel like it is absolutely doable...well, once we have a back yard. When we lived with my mom, she let us make her garden bigger. Nathan loved having that big garden...too bad we only got to enjoy 12 ears of corn before we moved to Nebraska. Someday, hopefully this summer! We will have our own garden.

Being a dad!
He is such a great dad!

Sewing - He made a monster when he was in High School. It is so cute and funny looking. We almost brought it back to Neb with us this summer...one day it will live with us.

Quilting: he has a perfect hand quilting stitch. His aunt and sister always want him to help with their quilts.

Ok, Nathan doesn't play the piano...but we both wish we did. One day we hope to buy a piano and encourage our kids to be diligent in their lessons.
(A piano is the type of thing that Nathan wishes he could make himself and sometimes thinks he could, I have to snap him back to reality. Doesn't hurt to have a righteous desire like that though.)

"Playing" the piano was his "talent" for the Mr. Hillcrest 7th ward Pageant (our singles ward). He actually pushed play on a CD player and pretended to play. I thought it was clever and very funny.
Sports - His favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee. He is also very good at Basketball and played on the high school team. He ran track and played on the high school football team too. He loves to rock climb and even has all the equipment for it, just gotta move back to where they actually have mountains and rocks to climb.

This is him playing kickball in a Jack Sparrow costume.
This is not how he proposed, but I thought this was a good picture to show his silly side.
When we were engaged he drove all the way to California just so I could ride back to Utah with him. He hates driving.
He loves to play in the snow.
And, he is oh so very handsome.

Happy 30th Birthday Nathan!


Corn Husker said...

Happy Birthday Nate! What a great tribute, Becky. I liked the picture with the clothes-pinned nose and diaper belt.

Brian and chelsea said...

Awesome tribute! It's great to get to know him a little better. Sounds like you're a lucky woman!

The Hungry said...

Give Nathan a happy birthday hug from us. So - what is the Mr. Hillcrest 7th ward pageant? Sounds fun, and very funny. And - on playing the piano - you could always learn along with your kids...

Sandy said...

We love you Nathan and thank you for taking such good care of our sweet daughter and granddaughter.

Julie J. said...

Happy Birthday, Matey!

McKell&Janeene said...

Very Cute pictures! Happy Birthday to Nathan

Anonymous said...

If that's not all of them, we've all got a long way to go. Happy Birthday Nathan!!! I still think that picture of the Daddy Diaper Tool Belt is hilarious.